Hello, I am Dr Vidyamanohar Sharma, a math educator for the past 36 years.  I got opportunity to help students of several goals and during this process I have mentored more than 25000 students.  The focus was to empower them in the subject by providing enough concepts and insights so that they withstand any challenge during their examinations – be it board or any competitive examinations.  My students secured All India Ranks at IIT JEE examination include 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 16, 21, 22,25, 28, 34, 45, 58, and several three digit ranks.

I could reach out to the students of several countries that include US, Canada, Singapore, Sri Lanka, UAE, Australia, Ireland, England, South Africa, Netherlands, – several places of India.

I enjoy imparting education in its real sense and enabling the student not only just cross the examination but to become a better human in terms of mental strength and upright attitude.

Hello there, I am Devenndra Chaandrakar, a Physics educator and an ed-tech entrepreneur, after earning my B.E in Electronics and instrumentation from SGSITS Indore in 2002, the aftermath of dot com burst forced me to embark in my journey as an educator in FIITJEE helping students prepare for IITJEE (one of the most difficult exams), my experience of preparing and qualifying it (I secured AIR 3121 in 1998) came handy and my first batch at FIITJEE  was a success record as out of 110 students, 99 qualified and AIR 11th  (2004) was from this batch. My mission is to help students preparing for IITJEE, NEET and other competitive exams in their learning endeavor and to help them create a super success using the power of technology.

 I have helped my students secure All India Ranks at IIT JEE examination and NEET  and GOLD medals in National and International Junior Science Olympiads and Physics Olympiads

 If you desire for a success in any of these exams or want to learn Physics for IITJEE, NEET, Boards or AP then I am only a click away. 

Hello there, 

I am Suman Prakash, Chemistry Professor and JEE/ NEET mentor. In last 22 years I have mentored more than 15000 students enabling many of those to attain top rank in JEE . Students trained by me have secured AIR 9, 69, 102, 163, 197,332, 363 and many more.

In the last 22 years I have taught students in different geographies ranging from different emirates of UAE to different part of India which include cities like Delhi, Patna, Jammu, Mumbai, Pune etc.

In this endeavor. I, along with my like-minded friends with whom I have worked for years, is trying to bring best quality of JEE/ NEET training to all of you in the safe and secure environment of your home digitally at a very affordable cost.

Hello Friends
I am Dr. Pankaj Kumar, a Biology Mentor for Medical Test Prep Course. After getting awarded a research fellowship from CSIR I completed my Ph.D. degree in Chromosomal aberration. I am teaching for the last 23 years and feel privileged to be a part of shaping the career of thousands of students in the profession of Medicine. In addition to teaching I have authored a number of books in Biology and I am mainly known for developing Mind Maps Tools for NEET aspirants.
I am among pioneers of Online Education in India when I started online teaching in Port Blair in 2008 under the banner of Aptacads. Mht-CET Rank 8, 62, 200 (2015), Mht-CET Rank 30, 48 (2016), NEET Rank 368 (2017), Rank 862, 368 (AIIMS) are some of the recently mentored ranks and more importantly, all are taught by Online mode of education.
Success mantra for NEET is hard consistent work and smart preparation. The smartness in preparation line in the identification of relatively less important topics and thereby focusing on the key topics with conceptual clarity. If you are looking for being the part of the success story I am also keen to take you forward to the enjoyable journey of learning with purpose and for this I am just a click away.