Online education is gaining pace in India because of increasing distances, decreasing time and safety issues. Keeping in sync with the trend, Apt Academic Solutions, Hyderabad, has started online tutorials classes, courses for PMT, Engineering Entrance Preparation and school students Test series.
The company is aiming at providing academic solutions using power of knowledge, experience laced with the latest technology. Apt Academic Solutions is focused on making learning more effective, efficient and intuitive, to impart the courses.
APT Academic Solutions, since its inception in 2006 the company has focused on integration of technology with education. This association creates effectiveness in academic delivery, accessibility, quality and affordability.
AAS has its effective presence in planning, operations, academics (content creation and conducting classes) and assessment segments for both college curriculum and professional examinations.
The strength of the company lies in its strategy, which aims at catering to the needs of all the segments of its customers, right from huge corporate institutes to individual students without any geographical hindrances.

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