Apt Academic Solutions is open to services and offers Courses and training programs to all the above mentioned categories under special MOU.


Recent growth and shifts in the structure of our domestic and global economy have created an unparalleled array of opportunities for our country. We have, therefore, decided to take a lead to catalyze India's advancement by building institutions of early childhood education incorporating the best e learning practices. We promise that Apt Academic Solutions will provide an exceptionally promising and stimulating environment for students to learn, enhance and enrich there respective subject knowledge and become confident students. We have handpicked, passionate, committed and experienced faculty, who have been trained by a team of world class pedagogists to ensure that your children should receive the best learning experience.

Apt Academic Solutions invites you to be a part of this highly promising educational venture and begin a journey of success and rewards. To know more please contact.

Schools & Institutions

In case of schools Apt Academic Solutions provide services like Test Preparations, Various Competitive examinations Learning Modules, and Carrer Councelling and guidance.


Apt Academic Solutions will also be happy to work with National and International NGO to provide all kind of educational services to uplift the life of poor and underprivilaged students.

Government Organisations

Apt Academic Solutions is also in the process of having partnership on the line if Models like PPP etc, with the state and center Government to facilitate the education services to students.


Apt Academic Solutions is currently looking for experts for the following categories:

Category: Academics, ACD- 12G

  • - have previous experience e-teaching or tutoring
  • - are highly motivated
  • - are self starters
  • - are passionate to teach
  • - have at least a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university
  • - know how to motivate children who are struggling in school

  • Category: Content, CNT-12G
    • - Research development and customization of educational courseware
    • - Experience in multimedia content creation (authoring tools) for academic e-learning.
    • - Knowledge of interactive subject modules creation.
    • - Knowledge and experience in XML, Web 2.0 tools content repository systems and databases.
    • - Design and development of cloud based content delivery model
    • - Good written and oral communication skills (English).