What is TickMark?
TickMark< (Smart Testing) test series for the students of schools especially science stream has been developed by AAS with huge intellectual, experienced professional team. The series has been developed keeping in mind that testing should be based on concept building, customized learning catering to different needs of students, huge question bank with different difficulty levels, complete analysis of questions with explanations and complete online assessment portal for students.

The methodology is developed by Apt Academic Solutions (AAS) and it’s available online at testing portal.

TickMark is customized for online testing of proficiency in examinations like AIEEE and regular academics from Classes VI through XII.

Why TickMark?
TickMark is recommended for the following reasons:

  • - Appear in any test anytime. No need for scheduling tests.
  • - No geographical boundaries. Accessible on the internet anytime anywhere.
  • - A number of tests can be generated for each chapter.
  • - Students can practice more and more.
  • - Evaluation and solutions are made available instantly and on a real time basis
  • - Analysis of test in various forms
  • - Teachers work load is reduced by approximately 70%
  • - Question/ Test paper can be both subjective and objective
  • - Question paper can be created using the hierarchy of subject to chapter to topics to subtopics.
  • - Question paper can be created from classes VI to XII.
  • - Time saving, customized and non-repetition of questions
  • - e paper generation, which enables to generate an online or LAN based paper to speed up the evaluation process.
  • - Record of every test and solutions. Anytime a student can refer his/her past test paper and the performance.
  • - It can be a part of (CCE) continuous comprehensive evaluation system proposed by CBSE board.
  • - Facilities of test series in which students of different schools of different parts of country will participate. AIR (All India Rank) and RPI (Rank potential Index) will be given. RPI will forecast the tentative rank in competitive examinations.

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