What is RA/school?
RA/schoolTM is a goal based multi-stage training program for IIT JEE offered to students of class XI and XII in collaboration with participating schools. The program involves:

  • - Aptitude Test Training
  • - Aptitude, Diagnostic and Mock Tests
  • - Online testing using our TickMark offering

Reports and Feedback

  • - The tests would gauge the performance and learning
  • - Open-ended data on strengths, weakness and suggestions for improvements is also compiled and presented along with the profile.
  • - The reports are handed-over to individual student as well as to the school management

Implementation and Schedules
Each session is of 2 hours duration. The sessions are spread over four days in a week. There are two options as far as the overall duration is concerned - one year and two year.
Detailed course structures are drawn in collaboration with school authorities and teachers.

Program Options & Financials
RA/school One: A one year classroom based program is available for Rs. 45,000 per student
RA/school Two: A two years classroom based program is available at Rs. 81,000 per student

(We offer bulk and renewal discounts to eligible customers. Please talk to your sales representative for these options)

Sales and Enquiries
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