My TalentTM

Apt Academic Solutions in association with sattava edusys Pvt Ltd is having marketing rights of their carrier assessment program all over India.

My TalentTM is a unique and comprehensive career assessment and guidance program that uses tested and proprietary psychometric tools and methodologies to unravel the real talents and aptitude in young adolescent. The program helps identify the "right" career fit for them and then provides guidance / counseling to help them towards their “right” fit career.

The My TalentTM Program is one of the most sophisticated and innovative career path decision programs available worldwide. It uses a unique and scientifically developed and tested battery of instruments like career aptitude assessment, career personality assessment and career interest assessment to measure a comprehensive profile of students’ natural abilities, inborn talents and personality traits. The scientifically arrived at profile of the student is then mapped with over 137 lucrative careers and the best fit careers are suggested to the student alongwith the “road-map” for those careers. When school students understand their natural talents, they get a huge boost in confidence and they develop very high Interest in the career paths that is shown to them.

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