Content Development

With fast paced changes in Education and Training methodology, e-Content is now the most preferred solution for learning effectiveness. Whilst, the changes in environment are also forcing a shift from the conventional methods of imparting learning, e-Learning through interactive content offers unique advantages. Apt Academic Solutions is at the forefront in offering solutions to complex e-Learning course design and e-Learning content development solutions.

Being at the forefront of e-Learning content development in India for over 6 years, Apt Academic Solutions offers realistic and effective solutions for a successful e-Learning methodology.

e-Learning content development process requires subject matter experts and content development experts.

Subject Matter Experts (SME's)
These experts have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the concerned subject. They also understand the objectives of the e-Learning. They also understand the expectations of the target students and the course.

Content Development Experts for e-Learning
The content developed must fulfill the goal of knowledge addition and skill building of the students of any class or subjects. The content should be something different from what is already there in the text books. The idea behind the development of e-learning programs is to build concept understanding.

There are different Methods of e-Learning activities:

1. The Virtual Classroom model (LIVECLASS)
The virtual classroom model requirement are like computer with high speed processor, power back up and high speed reliable internet connectivity. This service or mode of e-learning brings several students or group of students and Faculty at one platform and creates classroom like environment. Here, the students and faculty can have two way audio-videos communication in real time.

2. Online e-Learning
In this model of E-learning the course or programe is delivered over the internet to N number of students at N number of locations. This kind of interaction between the student and the coursework occur via network systems.

3. Academic Audio and Video Lessons
Apt Academic Solutions also provide a matrix of several audio-video clips of academic lessons and interviews by the expert faculty answering the queries and problems of the students. Apt Academic solutions has a comprehensive collection of audio/video courses and lectures in all subjects from class six to twelve and competitive examinations. The courses and lectures cover various course and subjects.

4. Animation Learning Lessons
Apt Academic solutions also provides learning courses and packages for primary school children from class one to fifth to give them a firm foundation in the basics education through Interactive videos, Animation, Illustrations like stories, games and quizzes etc..

Parents can also measure their child's development and inclination towards some particular carrier of his/her interest with the help of our Physcometric Test and carrier councellors.

5. Studios (VSAT, VOIP, Smart Board)
Apt Academic Solutions also provide expertise and consultancy in setting up of infrastructure of e-learning education like VSAT, VOIP, Smart Learning Boards, and e -learning studios.


The Apt Academic Solutions is aiming at providing academic solutions using power of knowledge, experience laced with the latest technology like:

VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) is a satellite communications system that serves home and business users. A VSAT end user needs a box that interfaces between the user's computer and an outside antenna with a transceiver. The traneceiver receives or sends a signal to a satellite transponder in the sky. The satellite sends and receives signals from an earth station computer that acts as a hub for the system. Each end user is interconnected with the hub station via the satellite in a star topology. For one end user to communicate with another, each transmission has to first go to the hub station which retransmits it via the satellite to the other end user's VSAT. VSAT handles data, voice, and video signals.

VSAT is used both by home users who sign up with a large service such as Direct PC and by private companies that operate or lease their own VSAT systems. VSAT offers a number of advantages over terrestrial alternatives. For private applications, companies can have total control of their own communication system without dependence on other companies. Business and home users also get higher speed reception than if using ordinary telephone service or ISDN.

In short, VSAT has following advantages:

  • - Cost-effective
  • - Flexibility
  • - Accessibility
  • - Availability
  • - Reliability
  • - Versatility
  • - Transmission quality
  • - High network performance
  • - Fast transmissions
  • - Control
  • - Ability to handle large amounts of data
  • - Single vendor solution for both equipment and bandwidth
  • - Broadcast capability
  • - Ability to handle Voice, Video and Data

Voice over IP (VoIP) commonly refers to the communication protocols, technologies, methodologies, and transmission techniques involved in the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet. Other terms commonly associated with VoIP are IP telephony, Internet telephony, voice over broadband (VoBB), broadband telephony, and broadband phone.

Apt Academic Solutions deliver academic lessons through VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) in which a virtual class room is created to connect faculty with the student live. Faculty delivers classes through PowerPoint presentation live. Features like instant messaging and whiteboard helps the faculty communicate better with the students

Apt Academic Solutions technology needs no software installation. It can run virtually on any operating system or any web browser. Faculty can transfer control to any student and have a 2-way audio conversation with him. Session is recorded and student can revisit the attended sessions