Our products and programs are designed primarily for schools. The courses will cover a series of Mathmatics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics preparatory sessions for IIT, AIEEE and other Engineering Entrance Examinations, AIPMT and lots of other programs from class 6 to 12.

To make entire online learning process simple, effective and in Real Time the career counselors at our Learning Centers make use of various tools such as telephones, face-to-face interaction, e-mail, conference call and online seminars.

Apt Academic Solutions has developed educational solutions and services that can be used from 6-12 class and are also useful in Foundation, precollege, and college level education. These solutions are also affective for those preparing for standardized tests. Some of these learning and training services are listed below. These include:

  • - Online tutoring
  • - Content development
  • - Homework help
  • - Email assignment solutions
  • - Examination assessment services
  • - Classroom tuitions

Apt Academic Solutions also have learning programes of Abacus & Vedic Mathmatics. Here, kids learn to make use of their right brain while doing calculations. They become able to solve tough equations without depending on pen, paper or calculator. The mind training courses have been designed in such a fashion that even a class 3rd student can solve complicated sums in a few seconds without resorting to any kind of help or external tool. In this whole process of teaching and learning Vedic Mathematics and ABACUS is used as a tool and mental arithmetic.

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