Apt Academic Solution (AAS) has, over the years, developed expertise and ability to deliver online and offline course module to the students of India and abroad we have also delivered results in the remotest area of India. All this is possible by virtue of our technical and contents development skills, our team has established and developed a very good working and teaching ethics relationship with the students and various clients.

AAS has been working with various clients in various geographies including from north eastern states to Port Blair, from Delhi to Hyderabad, from metro cities to small towns, over the last 7 years. This has helped our teams develop a good understanding of the functional and cultural aspects of various regions.

AAS also function as an offshore development center for some of our clients, developing e-Learning content and providing ancillary services for them. Our e-Learning content development practice is a process-driven model that blends strong educational pedagogy with good instructional design. We have the experience to develop content for a wide spectrum of clients from universities, colleges and schools to corporate houses. Our close association with the education sector in India provides us access to a large number of subject experts who form an integral part of our content development team.

AAS understand the nature of the target audience, its present level of education, its areas of interest and the best method by which the interest of the learner in the subject can be aroused and sustained throughout the material designed, with assessment at the end of the module, so that real learning can takes place in REAL TIME.

Our production team is competent in Interpreting technical directions from the storyboards and finishes the work as per the requirement with very minimum rework required. We have developed rich animation content on Science, Humanities, Technology, and Vocational studies. AAS has a large network of SME’s who provide their expertise during the course of the animation production for technical content review and validation purpose.

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